How WeatherCall Works

An improvement in how the National Weather Service defines warning areas has resulted in significantly higher accuracy and smaller warned areas, compared to the decades-old county-wide warning method. The WeatherCall system is continuously monitoring the National Weather Serviceís NOAA weatherwire. Using GIS (mapping databases ), The system compares a subscriber's specific location to the location of the warning area. When a severe weather warning includes your location, the system will immediately notify you through telephone calls, SMS text messaging to your mobile phone or email, that severe weather is in your area.

1,995 sq. miles and over 850,000 people in Arapahoe and Adams Counties in Colorado are under a tornado warning.
The actual warning area in the red box is approximately 100 square miles.

Subscribers may register one location, 3 telephone numbers and 3 email addresses for a nominal fee of $9.95 dollars per year. When severe weather is approaching the registered location, the system will call all the telephone numbers simultaneously, delivering your meteorologistís warning message, and send a message to all registered email addresses with a graphical depiction of the warning on a localized, interactive Google map. TV stations have the option of offering the service to viewers on a self-pay basis with a recurring revenue share for the station, or securing sponsorship to pay for the service, and offering it to viewers for free.

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